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Sam Rookwood + Indigo + Rosie

Name. Sam Rookwood
Children.  Indigo and Rosie (twin girls and our latest Louelle. models)
Location. Williamsburg, Brooklyn 
Occupation. Marketing
Instagram. @indigoandrosie


What was your priority when creating your nursery space?
Space in New York is fairly limited - and we were having twins! - so I wanted to make the room as white and light as possible to make it feel bigger. I was having two little girls so I wanted it to be a feminine space without being too girly. I wanted it to be relaxing and calming environment, somewhere I could sit and take in the view while feeding the girls, and somewhere they would feel calm and relaxed. 
What is your favourite piece?
I love the heart and cloud mobiles over the cribs. The girls used to love watching them when they were tiny and they have a lovely whimsical feel to them. I also love the white cloud light. It gives out a beautiful soft light. Both the light and the mobiles were handmade on Etsy - I am slightly obsessed with Etsy. The rocking chair has also been a winner - we have spent many an hour rocking the girls or feeding them in that seat.

How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?
Lighting has a lot to do with it. Our nursery doesn't have a ceiling light so we light it at night with fairy lights that we have all around the ceiling, and with the cloud light. Both of them give a beautifully calm and soft lighting effect. We also have a Sonos speaker in the nursery (white of course), which allows us to play gentle bedtime music when it's time for the girls to go to sleep. We have also been using a humidifier during the summer with some lavender oil so it smells lovely in there! (Note: all of this still doesn't necessarily make them go to sleep!!)

Are there any aspects of your nursery you would change in hindsight? 
As we didn't have a lot of space, we bought mini cribs rather than full size cribs so that we would have more space for the chair and for the girls to play. In hindsight we probably should have got regular size cribs as the girls are nearly too big for the mini cribs already! Everything else I love and wouldn't change a thing :-).

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