Laura Wells + India

Name.             Laura Wells 
Children.         India (5 months) 
Location.         A little town outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Occupation.    Owner of Sydney boutique accommodation @themooproject_ (and our social curator)
Instagram.     @themooproject_


What was your priority when creating your nursery space? 
Fitting a nursing chair and a crib into a very small space! Everything in the Deep South is big, including the rooms in our house, except for this little perch like room off the side of our bedroom. It is actually perfect as a nursery as it does indeed fit everything we need and has a warm, cozy feel to it. It also overlooks our living area so we can hear India (not always a good thing!) and she is only five steps away for those ‘midnight snacks’ she is so fond of.


What is your favourite piece?
A quilt I picked up at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC and a crescent moon shaped pillow I had made on Etsy. The quilt has constellation like formations created by little hand stitched crosses on it and is the perfect weight for summer.  After finding myself in many an awkward nursing position, the pillow, which is beautiful without the need for practicality, has turned out to also be the perfect nursing pillow.

How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?
Lavender, soft light and quality, natural bedding. I’ve just started using a humidifier to scent India’s room with essential lavender oil, it may all be in my head but I swear it helps soothe her to sleep. We also have this little lantern designed by Marset which we has a dim setting so that we can leave it on in her room so if we need to go in and out we are not fumbling around or turning lights on. It is also portable which will no doubt come in handy when she is up early, walking the halls towards our bedroom in a few years time! Then lastly, starting off with our Louelle. French grey sleeping bag of course, lots of bedding! It amazes me how many layers of bedding a baby needs but after some experimenting it definitely helps keep India asleep so there is something to it, even in our tropical climate.

Are there any aspects of your nursery you would change in hindsight?
A toy basket with a lid… our little dog Django likes to help himself while we are out, carefully removing the clothes from India’s rabbit collection without a tear or tooth mark in sight! I don’t know how he does it…
Indi's nursery after Stokke crib extension
Laura and India on location in Mexico