Sustainability is an increasingly important issue and we, at Louelle, are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our product philosophy is based around slow fashion with all of our products thoughtfully designed and made to last. However, as a company we understand that tackling these issues is no easy feat which is why we are actively exploring ways to minimize our impact - not only for today, but for the future. Our aim is to progress and our promise is transparency. 

Actions we're currently taking

Minimal wastage - We produce very small runs that are available until sold out, and we work hard to ensure we never have wastage in our production.

Giving back - We have donated and supported a number of like-minded charities in the past (including the recent Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for the Australian bushfires) and we'll continue to partner with groups that make a difference. 

Fair working conditions We take great care to build and maintain relationships with fair factories across the globe. Our factories are required to uphold high standards of social and quality compliance including fair working conditions, fair wages, working hours and workers' rights.

Where we want to be in the future.

  • Continue to guide our product and practice towards sustaining our environment.
  • Develop long term partnerships with organizations supporting mothers and families in local and international communities.

But most importantly, we’re constantly looking to companies leading the way, like Patagonia and Allbirds plus working with our partners to achieve our goals and ensure as a brand we are working towards a more sustainable future.

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