Erica + Hudson + Sterling

Name: Erica Harrison

Children: Hudson and Sterling

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Occupation: Interior Designer

Instagram: @Hudsonandsterling

What was your priority when creating your nursery space?

I wanted the nursery to be something that my kids could grow into and evolve with them. A room that wouldn’t expire in coolness after a few years. I also believe that children live their lives in color, and I wanted to really highlight that.

To have the ability to have a clean palette and let their toys and art really drive what the color or their environment is. As a side effect for being a concept designer at Ralph Lauren for years- it had to have a story/ concept though…so Moroccan surfer was the vibe!

What is your favorite piece in your nursery?

My favorite piece in my nursery is an antique Moroccan bag framed over the crib. I bought it at my first job in NYC at Melet Mercantile. It has been with me all over the world from my styling days and the fabric is still so beautiful. I like to blend old with new. This way as the kids grow up they have an appreciation for new and antiquity as well.


How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?

Creating a calm environment is key. To leave any bad juju at the door….with the softest/ more soothing colors/ smells possible. Scents are key. The kid's rooms always smell of Eucalyptus or lavender.


Also:: black-out shades. Life-changers.