Tali Roth + Phoenix

Name.  Tali Roth + Phoenix
Location.  Manhattan
Occupation.  Interior Designer
Instagram.  @talirothdesigns
Website.  www.talirothdesigns.com

What was your priority when creating your nursery space?

I wanted to create a space that was playful and captured my personal style in a ‘childlike’ way. I wanted to make sure it was both aesthetically pleasing but super practical (i.e. beautiful quality crib and mattress, sufficient storage, plenty of books on display and layers of texture to ensure comfort).



What is your favorite piece?
I love the vintage armchairs I found on ETSY that I got re-upholstered in a gorgeous baby blue velvet. I think we will have them in our family forever.

These were the original chairs. 

An additional designer element that I love are the hand painted shapes on the wall. I am very attracted to geometric shapes and the pink circle and blue triangle were the missing pieces and really tied everything together! They added a playful element that it was lacking without them.

How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?
I personally like a quiet and calm space. Our key essentials for sleep is a beautiful Louelle. seersucker sleeping bag, his Aiden and Ainas lovey and a white noise machine.

Are there any aspects of your nursery you would change in hindsight? 
Not really. I have added a larger standing bookshelf like the one below but really Phoenix wants to be close to me and I want to keep an eye on him so for us the nursery is really a place for quiet reading, changing and sleeping. I love his bedroom and I feel like so far it is growing nicely with him.