Kalie + Elsie

Name: Kalie Austin
Child's Name: Elsie
Location: Oregon, US
Occupation: Interior Designer
Instagram: @kalie_austin


What was your priority when creating your nursery space?
Creating a space that would grow with my daughter was key. I wanted a nice neutral backdrop that we could easily adapt over the years depending on my daughters age and needs. Functionality was also high on our priority list, with limited space it is very important that every piece serves a purpose. 

What is your favorite piece in your nursery?
We absolutely love her Babyletto crib, the quality is amazing and it transitions into a toddler bed as well as a full-size headboard & foot board. The wood finish is beautiful and the style was just what we were looking for. The Babyletto glider has also been amazing! It is the perfect size for her space and we use it everyday for feedings and reading time!


How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?
Every new parent goes through a phase wondering if they will ever sleep again, so getting into a good routine was very important to us. We feel that her nursery is a very calming & relaxing space that definitely helps with nighttime sleep. Providing a safe sleep environment was also very important to us so we opted for the Newton crib mattress for piece of mind as well as the Owlet sock. A great portion of her nighttime routine happens in her room, we rock her to bed every night in her glider and then turn on her hatch sound machine. I feel that the light & brightness of her room has also helped maintain that soothing atmosphere. 

Are there any aspects of your nursery you would change in hindsight?
Overall we are very pleased with her nursery and how it has functioned for our family. I think one of the biggest challenges is storage, so we plan on adding some toy storage soon!