Neha Leela Ruch + Bodie

Name.             Neha Leela Ruch 
Children.         Bodie Stone Ruch ( 2 years ) 
Location.         New York, New York (NoMad area)
Occupation.     Founder and Writer, Mother Untitled 
Instagram.     @motheruntitled 


What was your priority when creating your nursery space? 
I wanted to create a space for both, Bodie and us, as his parents.  So much of early parenting is written off as chaotic and sleepless but there are many beautiful tender moments if you can allow yourself to slow and follow their rhythms.  I wanted a space that let us do that and encouraged us to bond and feel at peace together.  


What is your favourite piece?

By far, the mountain landscape mural behind his walnut and white Oeuf crib.  The color palette feels zen and whimsical at the same time so it doesn’t feel like we imposed a grown up look and feel on a baby but doesn’t feel jarring to us as adults.  The wall runs the length of the room so it’s somewhat signature and enveloping and sets the tone of Bodie’s space as soon as anyone walks in.  


How do you create the perfect sleeping environment for your child?
As a first time parent, I took sleep seriously and so surely there are habits and routines that are a bit over the top.  There are some staples like our Nest thermometer and room camera, Dohm sound machine or Stadler Form humidifier that provide peace of mind that the room is safe, comfortable and quiet. While so functional, each of these has a clean design so none feel intrusive.  Bodie has only recently grown attached to his animals so it’s a bit of a JellyCat zoo in his crib and I think their materials are plush and their entire collection palette is sweet.  We use Weleda calendula oils and diaper creams before sleep and I love that that smell lingers in the room especially in the evenings.  The true essentials that we travel with are our sleep sacks and sheets because they are such a comforting signal of bedtime.  The Louelle. sleep bags are easily our favorite for aesthetic and quality and we swear by the simplicity and softness of these affordable American Baby Company chenille crib sheets.

Are there any aspects of your nursery you would change in hindsight?
We never quite nailed lighting maybe because we assumed daylight would suffice for the day and dark was best at night.  We’ve toggled between lots of different standing lamps in one corner but we never found a middle ground between playful and elegant so we’ve ditched one because it was too cutesy and another because it was a liability once Bodie was on the move. We’ll keep you posted when we find a solution!